Paris has so many pretty galeries and passages and the dozens of photos I've taken tells me I have a real soft spot for them.  One of my favourites is Galerie Vivienne built in 1823 in the 2eme arrondissement by the Bibliothèque Nationale, with its patterned tile mosaic floor, glass roof, wood carvings, little potted trees and twinkling fairy lights. It also includes one of my favourite restaurants in Paris, Bistrot Vivienne.

Bistrot Vivienne, Paris

I've been several times over the past few months, with friends, my Dad when he was over for Christmas, my brother and his wife and my boyfriend and everyone's eaten well.  It's traditional French both in decor and cuisine but not overly fussy or rich.

Smoked salmon starter at Bistrot Vivienne, Paris
smoked salmon, blinis and soft cheese with herbs

Smoked mackerel rillettes with toasted farmhouse bread at Bistrot Vivienne, Paris
smoked mackerel rillettes with toasted farmhouse bread

When my Dad and I went, he ordered the hand-chopped Breton sausage, mashed potatoes and mixed salad and said they were some of the best sausages he'd ever had (in fact, I think he may even have said the best he'd ever had, but I won't make him accountable for such a wildly bold claim), so when my brother and sister-in-law and boyfriend went for lunch: "four sausages please!"  I was too excited about eating them to photograph them, obviously...  It's also a good place to sit and have a drink in the covered arcade before or after dinner.  A nice little Parisian find.

red coloured Christmas tree in Galerie Vivienne, Paris
the jury's out on red Christmas trees (they seemed to be all over the city)

Bistrot Vivienne, Paris
4 Rue des Petits Champs, 75002 Paris