The Lido on the Champs-Élysées is somewhat of a Paris institution.  In the same way that the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace is for London (I bet that's the first time the former has been likened to the latter), it's something which tourists do and thoroughly enjoy, but native Parisians and Parisiennes don't.  I don't know anyone in Paris who's been, but they should!  I loved it.  Of all the cabaret and burlesque shows in the city of lights, it's probably not known as the sexiest and slickest, but rather the big Las Vegas showbiz one.  Growing up going to a dance school and doing lots of amateur dramatics, I love a bit of razzmatazz and song and dance, so I was very excited indeed.

Le Lido burlesque and cabaret club, Paris

One of the world's most famous cabaret clubs, Le Lido was established in 1946 and is renowned for its extravagant dance routines, large dancing ensembles and spectacular costumes - there are 600 with feathers, flamboyant headdresses, bowler hats, sequins, pearls, crystals, suspenders; everything you'd expect times ten.  The set design include fountains, lots of lights, an ice rink, a rooftop and a pool, around which sixteen dancers performed an Asian-inspired routine featuring a huge Indian temple.  Each routine had a different theme which meant there is plenty of variety with costume, dance style, music and set changes every few minutes.

Le Lido cabaret club in Paris

We were ushered into the huge dark theatre just a couple of seconds before the show started, with a bottle of Champagne popped open and popped on ice straightaway and sat down for a thoroughly enjoyable 2 hours of dazzling showmanship. You must check it out next time you're in Paris.

Le Lido, 116 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris
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Sexy Lido dancers in Paris