I came across these amusing card designs in Mercantile at Spitalfields market and couldn't help but smile.  Illustrator Alice Tams has been creating her quirky Birds in Hats greeting cards for three years, a project she describes as a joke that got out of hand. I don't know about you, but I'd rather receive a penguin in a top hat in the post over a boring cookie cutter card from Clinton's.

Birds in Hats penguin in a top hat
Birds in Hats: barn own in a rain hat

Birds in Hats: eagle in a navy hat

Birds in Hats kingfisher in a crown

Funny bird illustration little owl in a NY cap

Alice Tams lovebirds in bobble hats

robin in a flat cap funny greeting card

peregrine in flying goggles birds in hats cards

Birds in Hats greeting card pheasant in a flat cap

Birds in Hats pigeon in a policeman hat