Festival season is almost here!  The experience is just as important as the line-up and the trick to making sure you have the best time is having the right camping equipment, attire and accessories.  As always when outfit planning, I start from the bottom up: shoes.

I made the mistake of wearing heeled boots to T in the Park in 2005.  Bad.  Call.  My festival essentials includes wipe-clean wellies - I'll be taking my glossy black Hunters for wet and muddy conditions - and trainers (sandals, flip-flops or ballet pumps just get ruined so I stick with a comfortable pair of converse).  Mine are white leather, but I might pick up a darker pair...

Also disastrous-if-left-unpacked items are anti-bacterial hand gel, all the wet wipes in the world to clean up after a day in the mud and dust, sunglasses, Carmex, plenty of dry shampoo, sunscreen and a blow up mattress.  Things which used to be on my list of festival esssentials: hats, fake eyelashes and glitter; I've grown up.

Which ones are you going to this summer?