24 May 2013


L'Icona is a photography project celebrating 35 years of Salvatore Ferragamo's most recognised design and the first shoe the designer ever made, featuring 21 girls in different, customised variations of the Italian fashion house's iconic stacked heel Vara or ballet flat sister shoe, Varina.  My favourite from the series is actress and constant girl crush Camilla Belle, who wears a Ferragamo blush silk chiffon dress and the mid-heeled nude Vara in Beverley Hills, California.

Camilla Belle

"When I think of something iconic, I usually think of something that has a history: a photograph, a film, an old movie star, a singer, an artist.  Iconic people and clothes come with history and a story.  What makes the Vara shoes so special is that it has a history: it was created in the seventies to be a heel that's accessible and still chic.  Now there's so many colours in the Varina flat version, I wear them every day - and feel like I'm wearing something that tells a story."


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