Bourne & Hollingsworth sure now how to throw a good soiree.  A few weeks ago I went to the Prohibition Party, a Jazz Age-themed monthly event where the liquor is free-flowing, the music is live and loud and the guests dance up a storm dressed up in their finest 1920s outfits.

flapper girls

The men are suited and booted in top hats, suits, spats, long tails and canes, the women are in sequinned, beaded flapper dresses, wearing headbands, pearls, court shoes, T-bar heels, feather boas, satin or lace gloves, dark painted lips and set curls. I wore a gorgeous pink silk satin sequin and feather trimmed dress kindly sent to me by Aftershock, vintage seamed stockings (the pre-50s, no nylon real deal) and spent about two hours curling my hair and pinning it up into a bob.

1920s style make up

Gin cocktails are served in teacups (obviously), Blackjack and roulette are played with chips and fake hundred dollar bills and the dancefloor is filled with the Charleston.

Prohibition Party

I'd even go as far to say I think I preferred it to the Blitz Party (so good I've been twice, definitely recommended too) due to my love affair with Boardwalk Empire, excitement about the upcoming Great Gatsby release, current favoured workout soundtrack of anything electroswing and obsession with all things Jazz Age.

The next party takes place on saturday 20 April. Drink, dance, gamble and have fun!

1920s band Prohibition Party live music