The 1960s is my favourite decade for style. Swinging London came to life as the centre of the fashion, music and culture scenes and the nation was in high spirits; rock and roll - led by Great Britain's finest, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Who - took over the world, the post-WWII austerity was officially over, England won the World Cup in 1966, the British fashion scene exploded with Carnaby Street and the King's Road in Chelsea as the places to see and be seen. The post-war baby boomers came of age and the youthquake movement was born, inspiring trends all over the world.

Modern, pyschadelic patterns popped up, hemlines got shorter and more daring with the miniskirt, androgynous mods wore simple shift dresses with modern flat shoes, striking monochrome became popular, Beatniks wore chic berets and polonecks, brightly coloured nylon tights were the new thing, make up was bold with painted on or false eyelashes, doe-eyed, thick winged eyeliner and nude lips as the refreshing antidote to ladylike make up styles of the 40s and 50s and playful designers like Mary Quant and Biba ruled supreme in the UK and abroad.

This liberal, young and fun spirit came through into playful hairstyle trends too; Sixties-inspired hair spans from Twiggy cropped pixie cuts, sculpted beehives, backcombed roots, blunt bobs, hairbows, pigtails, swingy, flicked up ends, tousled updos and hairspray, hairspray, hairspray.  Here are a few of my favourite 60s hair inspiration looks, from now and then.

Sophia Loren

Blake Lively beehive

bouncy curls

Audrey Hepburn's typically neat updo

modern beehive

Alexa Chung sixties style

more is more (that's for both jewellery and hair)

The Shrimp

cute brunette with freckles
messy bun piled high

messy blonde sixties hairstyle

hair hairband

Brigitte Bardot pigtails

sunny yellow 60s summer dress

the bigger the hair, the closer to God
the bigger the better

Cara Delevingne 1960s hair

Jessica Stam 1960s style hairdo
Jessica Stam's tousled do

Lana Del Rey retro 1960s hairstyle
sixties-obsessed Lana Del Rey

low backcombed ponytail
side-parted low ponytail

Gisele the bombshell 1960s hairstyles
Gisele The Bombshell on the Love magazine cover

1960s dog tooth check suit
prim and proper fringe

Beyonce Deja Vu 60s messy updo
Beyoncé's messy updo

Priscilla Presley hairstyle
Priscilla Presley

Jessica Biel big hair
Jessica Biel's voluminous hair

pink dyed 60s bouffant hair
dyed hair beehive

Drew Barrymore sixties hairstyle

Mila Kunis 60s hair

Gwen Stefani hair
Gwen Stefani

Emma Stone 1960s hair
Emma Stone