Beach Holiday in Greece

Beach Holiday in Greece

Last year I spent a week in the sun in Kardamena on the Greek island of Kos with my BFF as a much needed escape from London.

I wouldn't go back as the crowd there is mainly teenagers and groups in their early twenties looking for dirt-cheap beach holidays - I was after a bargain too and I was only twenty, but kissing random boys on the street, Smirnoff Ice in hand is not my bag! - but the weather was glorious, we ate plenty of Greek salads, took a boat trip round smaller islands, drank loads of silly OTT decorative cocktails, went parasailing, played cards, swam and slept in the warm, warm sun.  It's right about now, as autumn descends into winter, that I'm craving summer holidays again.  Hey warm, warm sun, come back!

slowly turning tanned (or is that just the light?)

streets and streets of girls in bikinis at night, standard

parasailing fun

I picked up a shiny red handbag from one of those tacky seafront tourist shops. LOVE IT.

getting slightly sunburnt like us Brits do

uh oh, we slipped, fell and went into MacDonalds at the end of more than one night...

sporting my new ring (which lasted all of two weeks before going green.
Lesson learnt: stop buying cheap tat!)