4 December 2012


One of the best things about the blogosphere is the daily insight into people's style, tastes and lives (which magazines just can't offer!) and developing your own sources for style inspiration.

Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook, a Mexican fashionista in her twenties living in Amsterdam who racks up serious airmails from her fashion adventures, is one of my favourites. A gorgeous, tall, leggy brunette with great style, an eclectic wardrobe and good, clear photography, she's been in my blog roll for years and I always like reading about her new projects.

To celebrate the new EOS M camera, Canon teamed up with five talents (the new ‘Generation M’) for their modern take on a traditional photographic style. Andy followed a brief to reinterpret traditional still life photography, bringing it right up to date by marrying it with her love for fashion.

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