23 December 2012


My Mama recently sent me this excellent photo of a Christmas Day in the nineties (I'm guessing... 1992?) from the family albums archive.

Things to note:
1. I've always liked dressing in black and white (it never goes out of style: I'm pretty sure I'd wear that dress now).  And polka dots.  And black and white polka dots!  In fact this is one of the few family photos in which my childhood sartorial failures haven't been documented (most of them involve shiny lilac tracksuits).
2. Big hair definitely runs in the family.  Both my parents bordered on afro territory 1970-90s.
3. Ten style points to my Dad for the Budweiser braces.  No, make that twenty.
4. This is factual evidence that my big brother has always been a buffoon.  He still ruins perfectly good photographs with awkward poses or, his current favourite (at 30), crying faces.
5. I'm going to insist that my husband wears a bowtie.  Keep it classy on Christmas Day, none of that slobbing around in pyjamas stuff, that's what Boxing Day is for...

Merry Christmas one and all, let the Champagne flow Xx


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