I've never been much of a gilet girl.  Gilets strike me as a garment worn for warmth rather than aesthetics or style and if you want to stay warm, just wear a nice coat instead.  They remind me of when my mum used to insist that I wear them in the 90s - I can still hear the rustle of the shiny, puffy fabric as I got into the car with cold, wet hair after swimming.

Sheep fur gilet from Aftershock | UK fashion blog

Whilst I'm reminiscing, I recently visited my Grandma with my brother and his wife (the novelty still hasn't quite worn off; his wife!) and we went to the old playground we used to frequent in our childhood.  This is me on the trampoline in my, going back to the reason for this post, new gilet from Aftershock.  It's currently the only gilet in my wardrobe, but has definitely been my most worn item of the season so far, so I may have to add to it.

Aftershock hadn't previously been on my radar as I rarely wear full on evening wear or super-glamorous, ultra-feminine dresses, which is the British brand's main focus.  With Helen Mirren, Katharine Jenkins and Madonna as fans of the red-carpet worthy gowns, I found that some of the collection is a bit too classic and formal for my liking.  However, they kindly sent me a couple of pieces and I'm really impressed with the quality of the products.  The Hara Fur Gilet is unbelievably soft, made from real lamb fur and a knitted, ribbed back and hem.  It's toasty warm, it's versatile in black and, as I'm in denial about the plummeting temperatures, an everyday staple this autumn.  Maybe I am a fan of gilets after all.