13 August 2012


I was one of those awful teenagers, locking myself away in my room to play my CDs (remember them?) over and over again until my mother was crying "TURN THAT OFF, OH MY GOD WHY WON'T YOU TURN THAT OFF".  I say 'crying' in the literal sense, she was once weeping desperate, angry tears because I wouldn't stop playing Beautiful Crazy by Space Raiders (which I first heard on MTV: Extreme Alpine Chills and Glacial Beats back in 2001 - I can attest that this is indeed a great record to listen to skiing).  Sorry about that, Mama...

Anyway, my obsessive nature shows no sign of waning and I've been known to listen to one song on repeat on my iPod for days on end.  This week's repeat track is Board of Canada's Dayvan Cowboy.  By no means a new obsession, this is perhaps the fifteenth cycle of listening to one of Boards of Canada's tracks non-stop for a week or so then not hearing it for months.

An oldie but a goodie.

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