Daniel Galvin at the Corinthia Hotel

Daniel Galvin at the Corinthia Hotel

If, like me, you’re constantly striving for glossy, polished hair then you need to pay the new Daniel Galvin salon a visit. Immersed in the luxurious, marbled 5 star Corinthia Hotel in the heart of London, the second Daniel Galvin salon recently opened as part of the uhmaaaazing ESPA Life spa.

The spa team is on hand for manicures or pedicures right there within the salon making it a one stop shop for all your pampering needs.  If you want to pull out all the stops for an event, you should visit the ‘Ultimate Movie Makeover Room’ (pictured above) which Oscar-winning make-up artist Lois Burwell helped create.

The room has an old-fashioned barbers chair surrounded by mirrors, TVs, iPads and comes complete with lighting designed for make up.  It's a world first and is created to offer complete discretion and privacy to visiting celebrities, actors, actresses and privileged salon guests.

The interiors strike a balance between opulent and extravagant and calming and relaxing, with a neutral palette of earthy brown tones and clean, white surfaces dotted with fresh orchids and lots of sparkling glass, chrome and polished mirrors.

I spent last Saturday morning there and emerged, for the first time in ages, looking “done”.  I had a nourishing Detox Miracle Solution treatment, which contains Vitamin C, removes pollution and seals the cuticle for super shiny locks.

A film producer lady commented on my swishy, baller blow dry in the lift leaving the salon and another nice girl complimented my do just outside of the hotel lobby.  Two comments from complete strangers in the space of a few minutes is reason enough to book a return appointment…

Daniel Galvin at the Corinthia Hotel London, Whitehall Place, SW1A 2BD