LFW Highlight: Basso & Brooke Spring/Summer 2012

LFW Highlight: Basso & Brooke Spring/Summer 2012

My highlight from the whole of London Fashion Week has to be Basso & Brooke (like it has been many times before).

Wow colour and digital print immediately spring to mind with Basso & Brooke and the designer duo certainly didn’t disappoint in their spring/summer 2012 show on Friday.

Bruno Basso was inspired by the relentless Siberian darkness and bleak landscape when he travelled from London to Beijing by car to create designs with hard, angular lines in sharp contrast with the mouthwatering bright colours the graphic designer imagined in his native Brazil.

The collection features the yellows and oranges of sunny mornings, greys and plums of dusk and deep purples and midnight blues of twilight, continuing the theme of journeys by representing the different stages of day.

These clashing influences came together in a riot of eye-popping shades of tropical brights, mixed with paint splatters and jagged bold colour blocks on glossy, draped satin-jersey dresses with necklines dropping to a sexy deep V at the back and twisted pleats at the front.

Feminine silhouettes with daring, eye-catching, colourful prints in wearable fabrics? Oh hell yes.  (I loved the Borba for Basso & Brooke jewellery too, in particular the chunky plastic necklaces.)  Thumbs up.