1 September 2011

Crystal Renn for Vogue Japan

This great backstage video of Crystal Renn on a Dolce & Gabbana story for Vogue Japan shows the editor-at-large/ fashion director/ super-stylist Anna Dello Russo using sellotape to tape the model's eyes back to give more of a, er, squinty effect.

I love Anna Dello Russo (everyone does, right?  She's consistently high up on my style crush list with her dedication to high fashion and outrageous outfits) and her retro 80s androgynous styling here - AMEN, Boy George! - with a hefty dose of gold metal, jewels, sequins and bling for good measure.

I think that Crystal Renn sometimes looked out of place in a forced "oh look we're celebrating real women by using a plus size model - aren't we good?" way, whereas she's dropped a dress size and looks normal, healthy and fantastic in this shoot.

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