Sonia Rykiel Sequins

Sonia Rykiel Sequins

This super sparkly Sonia by Sonia Rykiel sequined open-knit tank top just caught my magpie eye on The Outnet.  It's £64.50 from £215 which is a whopping 70% off. 

My reasoning for purchasing this completely unnecessary piece is as follows:

1. I love Sonia Rykiel
2. It's a great deal - I'd practically be saving money here
3. I wear plenty of black so it's not like I'll regret buying more
4. I already have the skirts, trousers, shoes and accessories to go with it
5. Sequins = sequKings (as in sequins are king.  As in they rule.  Needs work...)
6. A splash of rainbow always cheers up my sombre all-black ensembles a treat
7. It's ever so snazzy.

I absolutely do not need it but I think I've justified it well?  Help me.