Pale Pink Trousers: Isabel Marant vs Whistles

Pale Pink Trousers: Isabel Marant vs Whistles

Along with every other girl in the whole wide world, I am all over the pale pink Isabel Marant Miro low-rise cropped jeans from her Spring 2011 collection. 

An instant hit on the catwalk, worn by Gisele in the French label's latest ad campaign and at the top of everyone's wishlist before promptly selling out absolutely everywhere, the light pink denim jeans have inspired a search for imitation pants.  Which is odd because I'm not a baby pink kinda girl and I never wear trousers...

The faded pink looks worn out, the cropped length is casual and the cream ribbon tie fastening looks so pared-down and, dare I say it, scruffy.

Whilst Whistles' Charlie Coloured Skinny jeans are none of those things - and not even sherbet pink - the high street pair look great rolled up, the slightly deeper pink is more wearable and at £80 instead of £300, come in at a snip of the designer version.