Dip-dyed Hair

Dip-dyed Hair

Faded, dip-dyed, ombre and ludicrously bright coloured locks have been all the rage in the fashion world for the past year or so and show no sign of waning. 

This is one of my favourite looks, in Liberty's magazine showing ballsy shades of green, yellow, pink, orange and red coloured by Alex Brownsell at Bleach London.  I wish I had a job where I could get away with this...

Bleach is pretty much the go-to place for this kind of hair and they've just launched a new salon in Topshop's flagship on Oxford Street this week in addition to their first salon in the east end.

Lady Gaga at the Grammy Awards, 2010

One part 90s grunge, one part eye-popping Gaga glamour and Nick Minaj vibrant rainbow stripes, there's a crazy colour for everyone. 

The fabulous Katie Shillingford has opted for monochrome dip-dyed tips, Alexa Chung's a fan of faded ombre beachy blonde colours, Katy Perry has a penchant for pink/ purple/ blue flashes, Rihanna flies the flag for pillarbox red, there are hella front-rowers with dyed-in dark roots and there are a bunch of editorials, Topshop lookbooks and catwalk models showcasing explosions of neon colours.
Meadham Kirchoff's SS11 model at London Fashion Week

Having dark hair and strong eyebrows I don't have the palest canvas to start (although at some point I will go down the Edie Sedwick/early Madonna peroxide-blonde-dark-eyebrows route) so I'll have to embrace this style with some subtlety...  My shortlisted favourites:

Starry blue on Australian model Tallulah Morton

fuchsia pink tips on Abbey Lee

I love the worn out faded pink ends

And I think my favourite; the WAH Nails founder, Nike consultant, magazine publisher and stylist Sharmadean Reid with her 'black cherry red' tips.  LOVE the blunt bob too:

Help me decide before I book next month!

Bleach at WAH Nails, 420 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AA, +44 (0)20 7812 9889
Bleach at Topshop Basement 214 Oxford Street London W1D 1LA +44 (0)20 7927 7844