The Bloomsbury Lanes Vintage Fair

The Bloomsbury Lanes Vintage Fair

I'm not in London next weekend, but if I was I would be here for sure.

The Vintage Fair has been a successful event for vintage afficionados in the North for a while now, so they decided to get in on the London scene too.  Apparently, and fortunately, they've kept the Leeds/Manchester/Sheffield pricing scheme so it's cheap as chips.  (That's chips covered in gravy, if they're keeping Northern...)

What a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon: grabbing a bunch of stylish second hand bargains and then bowling at the fabulously retro Bloomsbury Lanes.  Next time.

The second London Vintage Fair is on Saturday 6 November and brings 30 stalls of affordable vintage clothing, accessories and homewares plus an array of handmade clothing, jewellery, crafts and delicious cupcakes.