18 June 2010

Magnificent Obsession: Peter Lindbergh's Ewan McGregor and Natalia Vodianova Vogue shoot

Oh God I love this shoot.  Peter Lindbergh photographed Ewan McGregor and Natalia Vodianova (massive fans of both - especially as Ewan McGregor is now synonymous with a debonair, sharply-dressed gentleman of the early 60s since Down With Love) for American Vogue's July 2010 issue. 

It's a classic, romantic mid-century whirl of crisp taffeta, feminine silhouettes, cocktail gowns and tailored dinner jackets.  I'm practically salivating.  The fall collections' most vivid moments had all the autumnal brilliance of a 1950s domestic drama...

The American dream, c. 1957: two cherubic children; Dad's a gray-suited young executive on the rise; Mom runs their fashionable new house in a bedroom community not far from Manhattan. Louis Vuitton embroidered silk sweater, leather skirt, gloves, and bag. On Ewan McGregor: Dior Homme suit. On twins: Isabel Garreton coats and bonnets.

She's dressed—like Jane Wyman in a bittersweet Douglas Sirk romance—in one of the chic full skirts that came in with the New Look in 1947 and reigned until the early 1960s as the emblem of the 1950s woman: traditionally feminine, nurturing, decorous. Ralph Lauren Collection taffeta jacket and skirt.

The Universal Studios/Sirk look focused on a lush, overripe Technicolor palette—like the hypervivid kaleidoscope print of her dress and the cherries-in-the-snow shine of her bag and slingbacks. Prada wool-and-silk-radzimir dress, handbag, and kitten heels. On twins: Ralph Lauren Childrenswear cardigans. Fleurisse dresses.

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