Forever 21 Jewellery

Forever 21 Jewellery

When I was in Los Angeles last month I went into the Forever 21 store in the Beverly Center (I think they mean Centre...) and was delighted at the inexpensive plastic rings on offer.  A firm believer in either the real deal or no metal at all, I've convinced my friends on the merits of plastic jewellery for a hit of glitz without tarnishing.

The shop itself had some pretty foul things in and I had to dig through bowls of gaudy silver chains and cheap girly tat, but I was very keen on this delicate little ring.  Until it broke, after approximately 10 wears.  I suppose you get what you pay for, but I'm still going to buy a replacement online.
  • Thick clear acrylic ring
  • Oval-shaped top and rhinestone accents
  • 1.5" approx length x 1.1" approx width
  • $5.80.  That's right, $5.80.
I got this one as well, which is inferior but still does the job.  Hooray for acrylic cocktail rings, Forever 21 and international shipping.
  • Faux diamond acrylic ring
  • 0.9" height x 1.0" width
  • $4.80