24 March 2010

Garnier Eye Roll-On

Garnier's lovely PR sent me the aforementioned product which is currently sold exclusively at Boots and online.  The caffeine in Garnier's first ever tinted roll-on product refreshes and hydrates tired-looking eyes, and the mineral pigments work immediately on dark circles. 

It's a great post-moisturiser, pre-foundation product which acts as both a concealer and eye treatment.  I'm a firm fan of tingling beauty products (Carmex 4 life) and the refreshing sensation when you apply it is a perfect pick-me-up for brightening morning eyes.  It's now the UK's number 1 eye care product, with one sold every fifteen seconds.  I'd heartily recommend it for party girls who want a quick fix cover-up!


1 comment

Mr Christopher said...

Maybe you should buy me one so that HAHT FRENCH DAWG fancies me as much as he fancies you! Lols x

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