The Turban Debate

The Turban Debate

Ah, the turban.  Never has there been such divisive, er, headwear.  I don't even know how to describe it, never has their been such a divisive bit of fabric wrapped round and knotted on top of someone's head for non-religious or cultural reasons.  There.

Prada caused a stir launching their silk satin jewel-coloured turbans way back in the SS07 collection which made a massive impact in the glossies and amongst daring fashionistas.

Jessica Stam in Prada's SS07 turban

Eva Mendes wore a shiny green Prada turban in Citizen K and Snoop Dogg wore a turban performing the title song in the Bollywood film 'Singh is Kinng'.  So far, so good.

  This is a good look: Snoop looking like a G

However. I like Mary-Kate Olsen's individual style but I gasped in horror when she wore Marc Jacobs' AW08 headband with a multicoloured sack, which went down as one of her worst fashion mistakes and scared me off any crazy headwear. Not a good look.  

Eva Mendes snake-charming in Citizen K

As with any statement accessory there's always going to be a love/ hate divide, but I like:
  • Experimental fashion
  • Hats
  • Sumptuous fabrics and jewel colours.
I dislike:
So I think as long as it's more of a hat than an odd headband, a la Mary-Kate, I'm on the yes side of the fence.  Phew, I can't tell you how long I've thought about this one.  Well, since the Spring/ Summer 2007 collection came out, but now I can finally relax.