WeSC launch and the East Thrift Store party

WeSC launch and the East Thrift Store party

Last night I went to launch of WeSC's new store on Carnaby Street.  I didn't really know the brand apart from their name standing for the achingly hip 'WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy' and that their main focus was on menswear, but the invite said Swedish-designed streetwear so I thought of Cheap Monday and Acne and went along.  

There were some cheery separates, thin turquoise stripy tees, bright layered knitwear and cool tomboyish jackets but it was all a bit he was a boy she was a girl, can I make it anymore obvious?

I'm sure it'll do really well on Carnaby Street with Soho graphic designers who buy their brightly-coloured urban designer garms, checked shirts and limited edition hi-tops there.

Then I headed East to the East End Thrift Store's monthly party to scour vintage finds, try on spangly sequined 80s body con dresses, lots of old baseball and hockey jackets and watch girls dress as boys and boys dress as girl dancing around to a DJ with a free bar to top things off.  Totally worth the trek East.