1 December 2009

Jed We Can

I am thrilled to see Jedward in the latest Grazia, out today. I read someone this week likening their X Factor booting to Susan Boyle's "loss" on Britain's Got Talent. These boys aren't going anywhere (I didn't know we needed a new Bros, but I know I find John & Edward immensely entertaining) and I can't wait to see what they do next. Move over Ant & Dec...

I'm pleased Grazia swept in for their first mature fashion shoot, as opposed to one of the tabloid's fashion magazines who'd aim for classy yet fall at trashy. Wearing suits and overcoats, dark shades and ditching their trademark quiffs for more grown-up side partings, it's another Reservoir Dogs-inspired shoot and they actually look pretty good. In the accompanying article, they talk about their love of fashion; they wore some pretty terrible outfits in the shows but at least they have a distinct sense of style and fearless vision.

The X Factor 2009 highlights for me (I can already summarise as it's rubbish without the twins): Stacey Solomon's voice throughout, Danyl Johnson's first audition, Jedward's sick Queen/ Vanilla Ice, er, medley, their Britney performance - which was one of the funniest things I've ever seen on TV - and watching Cheryl Cole's perfect face light up each time she "absolutely loved" one of her boys "grow into a little man in front o' me eyes" or something equally saccharine in her number 1-guaranteeing, L'Oreal contract-landing, heart-melting Geordie little accent.

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Mr Christopher said...

They. Look. Awesome. x

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