17 November 2009

Prada and Pucci, Givenchy and Gucci

I'm not normally a fan of modern takes on classics (I'm a big old Christmas traditionalist) but I love these cards by Samantha Morris, because they're so ridiculous with their tongue-in-cheek fashion rhymes:

She's a printmaker in London and each card she creates is unique, so she can charge a whopping wad of bills.

If you can afford to drop £20 for four, perfect; 'Fabulously Festive... Christmas Card Couture at its finest. It's what every fashionista will be sending.'


My New Favourite Thing said...

Amazing! So expensive, though, wouldn't wanna give them away!

Emma Louise Layla said...

I know, too gorgeous to share. Oh no, looking at my previous post (estimate: £800-1,200 for an original lithograph) and the one before (£595 for a bag I can't justify) I'm becoming an aspiring dreamer... I live beyond my means. What's new!

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