Raquel Zimmermann looked fantastic in the stunning 'Graffi-Couture' shoot in the November issue of Vogue Paris. Carine Roitfeld seems to be obssessed with Zimmermann lately, featuring her in several spreads over the past few issues.

urban fashion editorial

I love the contrast between the feminine haute-couture and brash graffiti - it's such a simple concept but it works really well with the urban artwork lending an edge to this season's finery... Including those laced over the knee Christian Louboutin boots.

sexy thigh high boots urban fashion editorial

sexy urban fashion editorial

She's in two shoots in the November edition - the other being an experimental, hideous avant-garde spread called 'Fur Play'. Although that was just plain fugly.  Anyway, going back to the good stuff, Graffi-Couture is shot by Mario Sorrenti, styled by Emmanelle Alt and featuring artwork from New York-based artist KAWS. Fabuleuse.