17 November 2009

Beyoncé Video Phone

Beyoncé and Lady Gaga both look amazing collaborating in Queen B's glossy, sleek new 'Video Phone' music video. The extended version, released next week as a remix to her original I am... Sasha Fierce album track, features the two pop singers dancing together in a classic Hype Williams-directed video showing two strong women posing to a stripped down minimal beat, with pin-up styling, high-contrast vivid colours and synchronised dance routines.

Beyoncé kicks off aggressively marching down the street a la Reservoir Dogs with a gang and continues to strut around with a huge toy gun through the rest of the video.

She's the 21st century Madonna; Queen of reinvention, rocking out so many different looks in every shoot/ video/ release artwork - I love the rockabilly 40s Bettie Page fringe and printed sequined tee.

Gaga - thankfully not in upstage mode - ditches the try-hard, sexed-up outfits in tribute to Beyoncé, reportedly saying 'I want to do you in your video, and I want to dress up like you'. She pops up halfway through, wearing a matching white leotard and joins in a matchy-matchy dance routine on some chairs. It's a tried-and-tested formula, and beats B's collaboration with Shakira in 2007.  Tune.

Video Phone was released today from I am... Remix single with Gaga is released 29 November


So Stylistic said...

I actall quite nice see Lady Gaga pared down. I do love her style but some do's just have TRYING stamped all over it - which is never a good thing.

Emma Louise Layla said...

So do I - did you see her crazy big shoulders at The Fame Monster rerelease yesterday? She thrives on column inches...

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