2 September 2009

Maggie Gyllenhaal

The October 2009 issue of Marie Claire features the glorious Maggie Gyllenhaal as its coverstar. Over the years she's graced several Marie Claire covers on both sides of the Atlantic and I like this current offering - not keen on the Silk Cut purple, but the bow bustier's gorgeous and the rich, dark colour makes her eyes pop.

I'm all about lashings of black eyeliner and big lashes, so I think most make up looks aren't strong enough, but the August 2008 cover above is definitely too natural for a cover look. Still looks cute though.

The September 2006 cover is cool although a little too close to the DKNY Be Delicious campaign shots, which launched about the same time. Anyway, she looks fabulous on all three and I'm pleased to see she's a firm favourite with fashion magazines - mainly because, after Secretary and the Agent Provocateur campaign, I have a massive girl crush. And a normal crush on her brother. Them good genes.



Sartoriology said...

She's in the same realm as kirstin dunst and michelle williams, a little bit kooky but at the same time SO cool, and understated too. loved her in secretary. agree with the silk cut purple, i wonder whether deep or midnight blue with gold/silver would have been better...then again that's too close too xmas wonderland' cover colors...

Emma Louise Layla said...

Love Kirsten Dunst too. In a sea of try-hard starlets (see your Gaga post, haha) it's refreshing to see someone so understated and natural! Yeah, metallics might be too much - I think an azure blue would suit, matching her eyes, although maybe too spring/summer for an October issue.

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