London for London

London for London

On 3 October, the London for London campaign is asking every bar, club, restaurant, pub, taxi etc to invite each customer to donate £1 towards raising funds to tackle violence on the mean streets of London.

It being a Saturday, hopefully the nightlife scene can raise a fair amount of money as the evening progresses, the people get drunker and thus more generous. I'm all for this kind of campaigning: proactive initiatives garnering positive media attention and publicity, indicating a widespread interest to address street crime across the capital.

Boris says:

"London For London for London is fundraising for three great causes that make an immense difference to young people across the capital. I encourage everybody who’s out and about on Saturday October 3 to help play a part in tackling youth crime by digging deep and giving generously. Kids Company and Help a London Child have a remarkable record in supporting youngsters through tough times, whilst the Police Cadets give young people the discipline and motivation they need to succeed. I truly hope London for London is a great success."

I do like having a reason to go out. Especially if it's for a good cause.