14 September 2009

Katy Perry Shines at the VMAs

Katy Perry upped the glitz stakes at the VMAs at Radio City Music Hall in NYC last night. She matched her spiky blinging minidress by The Blonds (yeah, who?), with silver nails and smoky metallic eyes. Other than fierce dresses on the red carpet, the outburst at teen poplet Taylor Swift from a presumably drunk Kanye West stole the show.

I love Kanye, and certainly feel no particular affinity with the country music star or country music in general, but leave the poor girl alone. As Perry tweeted: "F*ck u Kanye, it's like you stepped on a kitten". He lost himself a whole lotta fans in a few seconds before being promptly ejected from the awards. Ouch. Sore head full of regret today, no doubt.


Unknown said...

well said, i like him too but there's no need for that even if he was drunk!

For all things fashion:

Emma Louise Layla said...

This made even better by the fact Obama called Kanye a jackass. Fifty points to the President.

Mr Christopher said...

Hooray for Katy Perry!

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