3 August 2009

Lily Allen for Chanel

Despite warming to Lily Allen lately (it's taken about three years, maybe thawed rather than warmed), I'm not a massive fan of her new Chanel ads. I adore Chanel, but something just doesn't quite work.

Obviously she's not model material at 5"2 and a size 12, but she scrubs up well and it makes perfect sense for BFF Karl to choose her to front the campaign; she's a voracious brand ambassador, frequently out with chained 2.55s and black and white signature dresses. The quilted bag pictured's gorgeous, but I'm not keen on the huge, plain one.

Her fifties chignon and tiara is reminiscent of Breakfast at Tiffany's and the black leather, fingerless gloves and monochrome accessories evokes Desperately Seeking Susan. Whilst both are excellent sources of inspiration, I don't like how any of the three released shots are styled - the 50s/ 80s fusion should create a punky, vintage feel which hasn't materialised. Snaps for the ruff collar though.


My New Favourite Thing said...

This just confuses me. I've never got Karl's pushing of Lily as a Chanel ambassador, it seems totally bizarre.

Emma Louise Layla said...

I know, I don't see it at all. She likes monochrome and has a lot of money to spend. Other than that she's so not Chanel.

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