Isabella Blow

Isabella Blow

I just read this on 'Today in History':

 In 2002, Isabella Blow made one of her typically outlandish statements, after collaborating with Philip Tracy on a new hat exhibition for the Design Museum;

"Hats can be really extreme, and that is what is so exciting," the late fashion icon said. "I think hats will take over from drugs. I loathe drugs and I think the excitement of hats is that they can conquer them. And it's so much healthier than having a shot of heroin or a line of cocaine or something."

Which I totally love. She was such a loon. English girl who moved to New York, worked for US Vogue and climbed the ranks, hung out with Warhol and returned home to rule the roost as fashion director to various mags in the UK: Tatler, The Times, UK Vogue.

Major career envy!  Brit in the big apple, eccentric and beautiful style, international style icon with a penchant for the experimental; she was inspirational and tragic at the same time.

Hats off to you Isabella, may your crazy quotes still live on.