6 July 2009

If I were a boy

... Even just for a day, I'd roll out of bed in the morning, and throw on what I wanted (which would be these):

I've got Kanye on the brain as I'm gutted I missed him last night at Wireless... Anyway, last week it was reported that he's signed up for a summer of work experience at GAP in NYC. His main focus is his current fashion sabbatical and apparently he's learning the ropes of the fashion game before he sets up his own brand. His recent fashion collaborations shed some light on his direction.

His Louis Vuitton shoe range launched last month; they're incredibly look-at-me and the least trainer-like kicks I ever did see (hot pink soles, above). If I were a boy, had $700 to spend on some limited edition fringed mocassin-inspired, fresh-from-the-yacht sneaks and had a super-hot girlfriend on my arm at all times (just to ensure the world knew I wasn't gay - merely fond of fuchsia)… Then these babies would be mine.

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