Gwyneth Paltrow Diet

Gwyneth Paltrow Diet

Gwyneth Paltrow told her Goop newsletter that she's started a three-week diet called 'The Cleanse' to ensure she's in tip-top condition whilst filming Iron Man 2 (anyone else excited? I was surprised by how much I rated the first one.) Not that I wish to add to the ridiculous amount of attention and column inches from the diet-obsessed media on the topic of her crazy detoxes, but her meal plan is as follows:

Two liquid meals a day with a solid one allowed in-between.
No processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, dairy, sugar, or shellfish allowed.

Looks like girlfriend's dropped one of her liquid meals down herself... And how can she muster the enthusiasm to smile?  Whatever torturous diet plan she puts herself through, she looks fabulous. It was the Iron Man red carpet tour in 2008 which prompted her to show off her new-found experimental style, prompted her to dust off the cobwebs with daring lengths and kick-started her new, sexy 'Gwyneth As Yummy Mummy' look. Ding ding, bring on round two.