28 May 2009

Art Deco Make Up Launch

Earlier this month I went to the make up brand ARTDECO's UK press launch. Huge in Europe, and in particular Germany, the brand is looking to boost their publicity over here too. Friend-of-the-princes Tara Palmer Tomkinson trotted in and officially lent her horsey face to the brand at the launch, which was also attended by a host of other girly slebs cooing over compacts and nail varnishes.

The mineral face powder in the goody bag is particularly good(y) - I never wear anything on my skin as I hate heavy foundation, but this offers a fresh light coverage which feels soft and smooth. The range also boasts high pigments in the coloured eyeshadows and high-shine lipglosses in cheap packaging cheerfully decorated with art deco pattern and prints, all for reasonable prices. A new firm favourite for weeklies and glossies no doubt...
Questionable 90s campaign (fake flares or soft focus brush edging, anyone?) and choice of models though. I suppose if they're aiming for glitzy, blinging customers, they've got to hire in Liverpool girls; they know their market.

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