Beckham on Russian Vogue

Beckham on Russian Vogue

Victoria Beckham is the coverstar for this month's Russian Vogue. She's wearing her new collection and looks polished as always, teeny-tiny and extremely smart.

I love the structured black dress on the right, but I'm less keen on the red dress which to me screams u/c harlot (offering a stark contrast with the strange thumb-sucking...) It'll be interesting to see how her strict tailored shapes sell considering fashion's move to more relaxed silhouettes and thrown-together looks. Speaking about her new collection, she said:

"Forties and 50s underwear played a big influence on the collection, but the inspiration is me.  

I have tried every one of the dresses on, lived in them, to work out what feels right. I hope the silhouette is what every woman wants to wear."

Russian Vogue has really upped their stakes in global media coverage - they're growing each month in terms of leading the fashion press world and getting the hottest stars. молодец!