17 November 2008

Phillips Jacobson/ Hashimoto Photography Collection

I went to this exhibition opening last night, which was huge and had loads of Japanese portraits and nudes, and high fashion shots from the 70s-present day. There were some great Helmut Newtons, David LaChapelles and Mitch Epsteins:

I love this photo by Michel Comte, featured in Italian Vogue in 1996. I can't believe it's Carla Bruni:

And I can't believe this photo by Peter Lindbergh is Naomi Campbell (circa 1988):

Last but not least, Priscilla by Joseph Szabo, 1969:



Jenkins said...

"Priscilla" is the coverart for a Dinosaur Jr album. Also where are the japanese nudes why do I even read your blog

Emma Louise Layla said...

Well fancy that! I thought 'Priscilla' looked familiar, but I've googled it and I don't have anything from that DJ album, so maybe it didn't... I'll email the nudes, just for you. Treat!

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