Hunting for The Perfect Flapper Dress

Hunting for The Perfect Flapper Dress

According to the Chicago History Society, 'in the 1920s, the word "flapper" described a young woman who rebelled against convention. Like jazz music, the gangster, and the speakeasy, the rebellious and fun-loving flapper was a product of 1920s urban America. Most American women were not flappers, but the flapper's shocking behavior set a tone that helped many women explore Jazz Age freedoms without fear.'

Such a cool era!  I am trying to find a vintage 1920s beaded flapper dress so I can channel Joan Crawford.

I LOVE looking at photos of my maternal Grandma who used to dress up in extravagant, bohemian beads, capes, feathers and silks, blanched pancake powdered face and striking dark lips. People don't throw themselves into fashion so gracefully these days!

I already have the maribou, the black lipstick and the long strings of pearls...

But I haven't found anything yet which jumps out yet, so I'll probably just end up with a not-particularly-1920sish modern black spangly dress like this lovely Alberta Ferretti one (if I could afford it!)