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The Grinch who stole Christmas #1

16 December 2009

New editor Krissi Murison (a girl, a GIRL!) quizzes Simon Cowell in NME's excellent cover story in their Christmas double issue. She grills him with questions from readers and artists like La Roux's "How do you feel about ruining the music industry?" Brave, huh?

After 19 million tuned into the biggest X Factor final this weekend, all eyes are on the pop mogul in the build up to the Christmas #1. As much as I enjoyed this year's show (mainly thanks to Jedward), I'm backing the Rage Against the Machine single for #1. Cowell monopolises the music industry, has the Christmas #1 slot every year since he dug his influential claws into the music scene and he has become TV's richest star.

In the interview, Simon admits that he made a mistake not letting artist Little Boots past the audition stage in Pop Idol (erm, not that much of a mistake - I still couldn't name a single Little Boots song…) It's also mentioned in the article that he doesn't have a music system in his office. He doesn't even LIKE music. He's just a machine. Rage against him, people...

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